CBSE Affiliation No. 3330480

Education is not mere accumulation of facts; it is the preparation of life itself. Education is knowledge imbued Edu wiscrom and ethics. It develops the personality of the students, moulds their character and develops mental skills to help them cope with problems and challenges of the complex world of today. One of the most sianificant character traits that need to be instilled in our youth during their education is a finely ingrained ahitude of service- before-self. The aim is to make them successful not only in life, but also conscious of their duties and responsibilities towards their fellow citizens. It is with this vision that the Shree Ram Educational Trust was established to offer quality education from Pre- Primary to Secondary level.

After resigning from the post of Judge at Chhattisgarh State Judicial Services my aim to establish this school is to promote a system of integral education in a congenial child-friendly environment that emphasises the unity of all knowledge, synthesises humanity and sciences and recognises the fact that each child is unique. There is, therefore, every reason to place a renewed emphasis on the humanistic dimensions of education, enabling each person to grasp and appreciate the individuality of others, and to discover one's own self through an inner journey whose milestones are knowledge, introspection and humility. This should guide educational thinking in conjunction with other holistic objectives.

At DWPS, Manendragarh, priority will also be given to the teaching of critical thinking skills such as reasoning and problem solving to help our students develop the ability to reach sound conclusions based on observation and information. Our school curricula also allows our teachers the flexibility to adopt innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students and develop in them an appreciation for the values of the past, the excitement of the present and the challenges of the future.


You would find a wealth of learning opportunities at DWPS, Manendragarh of higher learning that would serve as an essential steppingstone to a fulfilling life and career.

Mr. Vyankatesh Singh
Ex. Judge
Director, DWPS
Manendragarh, Distt. MCB (C.G.)



"Don't educate your children to be rich
Educate them to be happy
So when they GROW UP
they will know the value of things, not the price."

Dear Students, Parents, Staff members and well-wishers, It is my honor and privilege to greet you at Delhi World Public School - Manendragarh.

I wish you the blessing of a positive attitude, and this is what we also will try to build in our students. We, at the DWPS, strive to provide a platform where a child is holistically educated, encompassing physical (physiological), mental (cognitive), social, emotional (psychological) and spiritual growth. We aim that our students became a resource for tomorrow.

We will create an environment to expose the children to start their journey from within towards exploring self and surroundings. Education being the process to prepare a pupil for life, creates in students the habit to derive joy of learning through life itself. A child learns from teachers, parents, peer groups, society and the environment around him. We will work towards awakening our students and define the objective of their life with the development of sense of purpose. We are committed to empower our students for self-awareness, self-discipline and self-management. As all education is self-education, we prepare children to do their own learning.

We are confident that at the DWPS, Manendragarh, the strength of synergy transforms the individual to a personality. I invite you all to be a part of this transformation.

Mrs. Poonam Singh
B. Tech, MBA
Director, DWPS
Manendragarh, Distt. MCB (C.G.)